Don Quixote in Japan The fate is in his hand... I must do,,, I will do.
[ Picture ]    This was the fixture of my bicycle for running for the Congressional election in Japan. The election was held in mid summer in August, the hottest time in a year in Japan. On the big flag at the tail of the bicycle, the black letters on yellow background read “Nakamura Fuminori,” my name. Beside my name, the letters in green read “Human Education,” which is my motto. When I started my campaign in many years ago, I wanted to create one word which implied my mission and intrigued the people to my mission. I combined four Japanese characters together and created this word, “Human Education,”and I used green color for the soundness of my motto. The yellow square cloth attached on the bicycle in front me is the official banner which allowed the candidate to give a speech on the streets in the city. I pushed my bicycle from 8 am in the morning until the sunset and gave my speech on the streets in order to propagate my idea of “Abandon the Entrance Examinations,” which was extremely new to the people. They said” What? What? Even national universities and even Tokyo University,,, he is saying to abandon the entrance exams...” I did everything by myself from the registration for the candidacy at the prefectural office, circulating my handouts among the people in the city, the press interview, preparing my posters for the election, and etc. I put all my energy, my physical stamina, and intellectual abilities into the election.

    In the history, anybody who tried to change the well established but deviated structure in the society encountered many difficulties as I have been experiencing. However, someone needs to initiate for change of this deviated education system in Asian countries, and I am the one, the harbinger.

  Ambitious 。。。
  I have a mission 。。。 
[ Picture ]  This is the better view of my bicycle. The fighting flag, “Human Education” in green, swaying and streaming in the air, I pushed my bicycle all day, gave my speech, and encouraged the people for the new idea,“Abandoning the entrance examinations,”in the city of Hiroshima.    The bicycle does not have petals. It is a pushing wagon. If I would ride the bicycle, it would not give a good image of me as a warrior to the people on the streets. Instead, straightening my back and striding forward with my bicycle would deliver my strong motivation and passion to the people toward the change of the education system in Japan. “ I have a mission ”

 Fighting for
  “the true Democracy” Japan   Violation of the democracy 。。。 
[ Picture ]  On the right side of the flag, a set of three characters and a set of four characters in black on the yellow background read “depositary money” and “senator election” respectively. The big three characters in black in the middle of the flag reads “three million yen (or thirty thousand dollars)”followed by the pink box stating “taking away.” On the left side of the flag, a set of four characters in green reads “democracy” followed by “violation” in red. The box on the bicycle reads “tilting” in red and “Japan” in black.

   The Japanese election control raw requires each candidate to deposit thirty thousand dollars at the prefecture office in order to run for the congress or the senator. If a candidate fails to gain 10% of the total votes, then the candidate loses his deposit. This means that the law literally prohibits the average citizens from running for the election. The politics is for the political parties and not for the ordinary citizens. The top ruling Samurai class from ancient era is still alive and prevails in the modern society in Japan, and they may say “Government of the Samurai by the Samurai and for the Samurai shall never be perished in Japan.”

   The mass media had hardly ever brought up the issue to the society. The reason is probably that discussing the core of the politics, like this one, is set as a taboo, and I gained a tremendous attention among the people when I first brought up the issue to the society and broadcasted my speech on the streets in the city of Hiroshima.

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